Everything you need to change from ISDN to All-IP must know


Why will the ISDN network be switched off in the future?

The shutdown of the ISDN network is on the one hand due to the meanwhile obsolete technology, which is necessary to operate the ISDN networks. On the other hand, broadband Internet access for state-of-the-art Internet connections has been established in Switzerland for years. The parallel operation of the networks requires a great deal of personnel, energy and above all financial expenditure.



Who is affected by the ISDN disconnection of the different providers?

For private users, the ISDN network is usually switched off without much effort. The provider replaces modems or provides appropriate adapters. The situation is different for business connections: Here, numerous analog/ISDN telephone systems are still in use, which in their current technical state only work via the ISDN network. Therefore, every company should look into the possibilities of upgrading or converting to ALL-IP at an early stage. Read on to find out the most important information for your company!



When will the ISDN shutdown be completed?

Many of the telephone providers have been in the process of shutting down their ISDN networks and replacing them with ALL-IP technology for some time now. This includes Swisscom, which operates the largest ISDN network in Switzerland. The shutdown of the networks is already underway and many customers have already been switched over or informed about the switchover date. The entire process should be completed by 2018.


Which technologies will replace the ISDN network?

As an alternative to the ISDN network, the Next-Generation Network (NGN) is currently being developed, which combines data and voice communication in one network and is based on the Internet Protocol. This principle allows all terminal devices to be connected to the network with a single connection and to use all the advantages of the NGN through their special software. Since from now on all data will be sent and received on an IP basis, this is also referred to as an all-IP network. This term is currently mainly coined by Telekom.

Decide now for a SIPSTAR telephone system from the cloud and you will no longer need a hardware telephone system. You can use your virtual telephone system and the devices connected to it anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, at home, on vacation or on the road - Internet connection and the right terminal device and your communication will become limitless.

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With SIPSTAR you save up to 50%

The SIPSTAR telephone system grows with your company and your requirements. With us, all modules and over 150 functions are available from the very beginning at a unit price. This means that you do not pay additional costs for new functions later on. The only one-time costs are for the setup. So you can adapt the functionality of your telephone system to your needs step by step - that's how modern communication works.

In addition, the SIPSTAR telephone system is up to 50% cheaper than a conventional telephone system or other cloud telephone systems. You pay for the telephone system monthly per extension (e.g. CHF 15 per month for SIPSTAR PROFI with 5 extensions) and can flexibly add additional extensions and options at any time. With "Pay per Use" you only pay for the telephone system as much as you really use.

You can also benefit from our favorable call rates for domestic and international calls (minute rates starting at 0.01 CHF/minute). More information under Prices/Tariffs


What do you have to watch out for when switching from ISDN to All-IP?

First of all you have to decide whether you want to use all the advantages of VoIP immediately and replace your old telephone system with a cloud-based virtual telephone system, or whether you want to upgrade your existing telephone system with additional hardware for the limited benefits and make it fit.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits of the SIPSTAR cloud facility, you must ensure that your IT infrastructure meets certain basic requirements. These include sufficient bandwidth provided by your Internet provider to guarantee not only good call quality but also several simultaneous connections.


In addition, the network should support Quality of Service (QoS) and provide the option of Power over Ethernet (PoE) to easily supply the end devices with power. With professional IP telephones, you can take full advantage of the new functions of the cloud PBX and thus benefit from the cost and investment advantages of the switchover.


If you want to continue to operate your old ISDN telephone system, there is hardware that can be linked to the NGN and at the same time provides you with your usual ISDN connection. However, this does not allow you to use all the advantages of the NGN.

Let us therefore advise you - like many hundreds of our customers - regarding a successful conversion or conversion. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer all your questions!

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