You take care of your business, while we take care of your telecommunications professionally in the background. I promise!

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Simple to explain, therefore also easy to use

New technology does not always mean that everything becomes more complex and difficult. On the contrary! All you need to use the SIPSTAR telephone system is a conventional Internet connection and an Internet-capable telephone (VoIP) - and you are ready to go.


SIPSTAR is your new telecommunications partner and thus your link to professional telecommunications. We do not only take care of the virtual telephone system, but also of all your phone numbers, subscriptions and any questions concerning your telephony. So everything from one source!

The virtual SIPSTAR telephone system is accessed via a web portal, which can be accessed from any Internet-capable device worldwide. Here you configure all PBX settings, redirect calls or check call lists for missed calls or received voice messages. You make your phone calls in the classic way via IP phones. If you want to be mobile, we also have the right solution for telephony via computer/laptop or smartphone/tablet available for you.

No matter whether you are in your home office, at the company headquarters or in one of your branch offices - your telephony knows no borders, no limits or geographical boundaries - Internet connection and a suitable device and you will be able to communicate worldwide and in best voice quality with one of your partners.

As I said, it's very simple.



100% online - 100% independent and 100% from Switzerland

You now obtain your telephone system 100% online and from the Internet. From now on your ISDN connection is superfluous, but the voice quality remains the same.

In addition, from now on you are no longer dependent on your ISDN connection or terminal device. Whether you prefer to use your desk phone, headset, softphone or iPhone - each device can be operated via the respective client. All this is very easy with SIPSTAR.

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The SIPSTAR telephone system allows you to enter the age of virtual communication. Gone are the days when large and expensive telephone systems were your business. Not to mention the cumbersome cabling of all telephones with the telephone system. With the help of SIPSTAR's virtual telephone system, complicated setup and expensive acquisition costs are a thing of the past.

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