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Whether you are a freelancer, a small team or a large company with complex work groups - our SIPSTAR telephone system is multifunctional and offers the right setup for any size of company. Take a look at our price overview to find out how you can benefit from our interesting conditions without having to use one of our telephone systems.

Internetband offer xDSL TFFH
10/10 35.00 CHF 35.00 CHF
15/15 41.00 CHF 41.00 CHF
Phone number off > 20 prefixes Available
Telephone system functions
Softphones, Apps and IP phones
Busy lamp fields (BLF) & Pickup
E-Fax & Analog Fax Support
Voice Menus (IVR)
Time based routing
Call groups
Conference Call
Instant Messaging
On-site service by SIPSTAR partners

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